I don’t know if anyone else saw this article so I’ll post it here.  I found it through a link on the Tame the Web blog.  Helene Bowers, who developed and launched the original 23 Things program for the staff at the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County, lists her 10 Tips about 23 Things, How to make the most of the famed online 2.0 tutorial , just in time for our grand finale.  Here are some excerpts I thought were worth contemplating:

  1. Encourage networking and the learning will follow.

. . . encouraging them to comment on each other’s work and thus share in one another’s discoveries.

2. Allow participants to blog anonymously.

. . . cloak of anonymity provides a safe haven for exploration and sharing.

 3. Use 1.0 methods to communicate.

. . . communication modes with which they are already comfortable.

 4. Encourage group discovery.

. . . when you problem solve and work together with colleagues, knowledge soars.

 5. Design the program for late bloomers.

. . . Consider adding extra weeks, even a month, to the nine-week schedule

 6. Focus on discovery, not skill building.

. . . first stage in any learning journey is exposure, not skill building.

 7. Reward staff for learning.

. . . we provided the carrot in the form of incentives.

 8. Online means hands-on, not hands-off.

. . . it still requires a coordinator’s time and effort to mentor the learning process throughout the entire program.   YAY HEATHER!

   9. Enable transparency and practice radical trust.. . . [have] to assume an unprecedented trust in our employees and practice transparency when it came to communicating with them.

 10. Continually encourage staff to play.

. . . make time for staff members to play.